Founded in 1890, Peasley Moving & Storage has successfully weathered many history-changing events including the Great Seattle Fire, WWI, the Spanish Flu of 1918, the Great Depression, WWII, the 2008 recession, and 9/11 among many other public crises. The health & safety of our customers, staff, service providers, and local community are paramount and we continue to adhere to all directives from local, state, and federal government agencies.
Although many unknowns still remain, rest assured that Peasley Moving & Storage will be timely and transparent in our communications regarding servicing your moving & storage needs. Our professional relocation consultants will work diligently to offer creative solutions in the event your project is impacted by the current health crisis.


All Peasley Moving & Storage Employees are instructed and expected to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC. This includes:

  • Staying home from work if ill, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or having been exposed to someone with the virus
  • Washing hands frequently with soap or using proper hand sanitizer when soap is not available
  • Maintaining a 6’ social distance from others to the highest degree possible
  • Wearing appropriate face masks when/if requested or required

Peasley Moving & Storage continues to take the following steps:

  • Regularly refreshing and reinforcing prevention guidelines among all staff members to reduce the risk of spreading infection
  • Daily monitoring of staff for symptoms of illness and sending anyone with symptoms home
  • Offering customers the option of contact-free virtual estimate appointments – More Information About Virtual Estimates
  • Following all guidelines and protocols required by Retirement Living Communities, Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Commercial Buildings, etc.
  • Upon request and at no charge, our crew members can wear masks while performing your move. Please simply notify your Relocation Consultant if this is your preference.

Peasley Moving & Storage requests the following of our customers:

  • If you have a scheduled estimate appointment or booked move, please notify us immediately if you or any members of your household have been exposed to COVID-19, tested positive for COVID-19, or are experiencing symptoms including cough, fever, or difficulty breathing. Please rest assured there is NO CHARGE to reschedule your estimate or move due to illness – we will work together to find an alternate date that works for you.
  • Please use disinfectant/cleaner to wipe down commonly touched surfaces, objects, door handles, etc. at your residence.
  • Please make a sink, hand soap, and paper towels available to your outside salesperson and moving crew for handwashing during their time within your home.
  • Please keep all windows open throughout the moving process as this allows for greater airflow and reduces the containment of germs.
  • Please maintain a social distance of 6’ or greater during both your in-person estimate appointment and while moving services are being performed.

Here are some informative and helpful resources about COVID-19:

The team at Peasley Moving & Storage. is proud to continue offering our wide range of services in accordance with the necessary precautions outlined above. Whether you are planning to move your household or business down the street, across the country, or around the world, we’re here to make the process seamless & safe for you, just as we’ve done for well over a century!

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Caldwell’s Best Live Music Venues and Festivals

Caldwell, Idaho has become a beloved destination for music lovers. With a thriving music scene that appeals to diverse tastes, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. From intimate jazz clubs to large outdoor festivals, Caldwell has a wealth of live music venues that attract both local and international talent. Whether you’re a fan of rock, country, or blues, you’re sure to find your groove in Caldwell. Buckle up, because Peasley Moving & Storage is about to take you on a virtual tour of Caldwell’s best live music venues and festivals before you decide to move here with our team.

Overview of Caldwell’s Music Scene

Caldwell’s music scene is diverse and eclectic, with a range of genres represented in the city’s live music venues and festivals. Country and rock music have a strong presence in Caldwell, but there’s also a thriving jazz and blues scene that attracts both locals and international artists.

Live music has a long history in Caldwell, dating back to the early 1900s when traveling musicians would perform in local saloons and taverns. Over the years, Caldwell has continued to cultivate a rich music scene, with the opening of dedicated music venues and the establishment of annual music festivals.

As a result of its vibrant music scene, Caldwell has gained a reputation as a must-visit destination for music lovers. The city has been praised for its support of local musicians and its ability to attract big-name talent to its venues and festivals. Whether you’re looking for an intimate jazz club or a large outdoor festival, Caldwell has something to offer music enthusiasts of all stripes.

Country band playing on stage
You can enjoy country music at Caldwell’s best live music venues and festivals

Best Live Music Venues in Caldwell

Caldwell is home to a vibrant music scene with a variety of live music venues catering to different tastes. Whether you’re into jazz, rock, country, or blues, there’s a venue in Caldwell that’s sure to satisfy your musical cravings. Here are some of the best live music venues that movers Caldwell ID would recommend.

The Sapphire Room

Located in The Riverside Hotel, The Sapphire Room is an intimate and sophisticated music venue that features a range of genres, including jazz, blues, and country. The venue has hosted notable acts such as Tony Bennett and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Upcoming shows include a performance by jazz singer Curtis Stigers.

Indian Creek Plaza

Indian Creek Plaza is a popular outdoor venue in Caldwell that hosts a range of music events, including concerts, festivals, and street fairs. The plaza has a lively and energetic atmosphere and attracts a diverse range of performers. Upcoming events include the Caldwell Night Rodeo Concert and the Indian Creek Festival.

The Torch Lounge

The Torch Lounge is a classic dive bar that has become a local institution in Caldwell. The venue hosts a variety of genres, including rock, punk, and metal. The atmosphere is laid-back and casual, making it a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike.

Outdoors concert at one of Caldwell's best live music venues and festivals
You can attend outdoor events in Caldwell

The Backstage Bistro

The Backstage Bistro is a cozy and intimate venue that features live music on weekends. The venue has a focus on jazz and blues, with local and regional acts taking the stage. Upcoming shows include a performance by jazz pianist Ben Burdick.

The Revolution Concert House & Event Center hosts some of Caldwell’s best live music events

The Revolution is a large venue that attracts big-name acts in the country, rock, and pop genres. The venue has a modern and upscale atmosphere and features state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. Upcoming shows include performances by Miranda Lambert and The Black Crowes.

Caldwell’s Best Music Festivals

Caldwell is a city that truly loves its music, and that’s especially evident in its annual music festivals. These events draw in crowds from all over the region, offering a range of genres and styles that cater to a diverse range of tastes. Here are some of the best music festivals in Caldwell that local movers Boise say you should not miss:

  1. Indian Creek Festival. This free, family-friendly festival takes place in downtown Caldwell and features live music, food vendors, craft vendors, and carnival rides. The festival showcases a range of genres, including rock, country, and blues.
  2. Canyon County Fair. The Canyon County Fair is an annual event that features a variety of music acts, as well as carnival rides, food vendors, and a rodeo. The fair has hosted big-name acts like Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and Carrie Underwood in the past.
  3. Caldwell Night Rodeo Concerts. Held in conjunction with the Caldwell Night Rodeo, these concerts bring in big-name acts from the country music world. Past performers have included Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Lady Antebellum.
  4. Destination Caldwell Summer Concert Series. This free concert series takes place on Friday evenings throughout the summer at Indian Creek Plaza. The series features a range of genres, including jazz, rock, and pop.
  5. Sunnyslope Wine Trail Music Festival. This annual event takes place at various wineries in the Sunnyslope Wine Trail region and features live music, wine tastings, and food vendors. The festival showcases a range of genres, from acoustic to blues to country.
Girls enjoying an event at one of Caldwell's best live music venues and festivals 
Summer is the perfect time to check out Caldwell’s best live music venues and festivals

Local Musicians and Bands

Caldwell is home to a thriving music scene, with a number of talented local musicians and bands making their mark on the city’s stages. Before moving to Idaho, check out these notable local acts in Caldwell:

  • Aaron Golay. Aaron Golay is a singer-songwriter who performs a mix of rock, blues, and folk music. He has released several albums and has gained a following for his soulful vocals and introspective lyrics. Golay can be found performing at venues like The Torch Lounge and The Sapphire Room.
  • Boise Blues Society. The Boise Blues Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the blues in the Treasure Valley region. The group hosts regular blues jams and events and provides support and resources for local musicians.
  • Like No One. This punk rock band has gained a following for its high-energy performances and socially conscious lyrics. The band has played at local venues like The Torch Lounge and The Shredder and has an upcoming show at Indian Creek Plaza.
  • Jazz Night School. Jazz Night School is a music education organization that offers classes, workshops, and performances for jazz musicians of all skill levels. The group has a strong presence in Caldwell and hosts regular performances at The Backstage Bistro.
  • The Oliphants. This country rock band has been playing together for over a decade. They have released several albums and have played at venues and festivals throughout the region. The band can be found playing at venues like Indian Creek Plaza and The Torch Lounge.

What is the local music community like?

The local music community in Caldwell is tight-knit and supportive. Many musicians and organizations collaborate and work together to promote the city’s music scene. In addition to the Boise Blues Society and Jazz Night School, there are also resources like the Caldwell Fine Arts organization, which hosts a variety of performing arts events throughout the year. With so much support and talent in the area, Caldwell’s music scene is sure to continue to thrive for years to come.

Woman and man holding their guitars at Caldwell's best live music venues and festivals
Caldwell has a tight-knit music community

Tips for Enjoying Caldwell’s Music Scene

If you’re planning to visit Caldwell to enjoy the city’s music scene, here are some tips piano movers Boise have for you to help you make the most of your experience.

Check the Event Calendars to enjoy Caldwell’s best live music venues and festivals

If you’re planning to visit Caldwell to enjoy the city’s music scene, it’s important to check the event calendars for local music venues and festivals. You can find these calendars online or by contacting the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce. This will give you an idea of what shows and events are happening during your visit, and help you plan your itinerary accordingly. Be sure to check for any special events or festivals that may be taking place during your visit, as these can offer unique and memorable experiences. Checking the event calendars ahead of time can also help you avoid disappointment by ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the city’s best shows.

If you’re looking to experience Caldwell’s music scene at its best, it’s recommended that you plan your visit during the summer months. This is when many of the city’s outdoor music festivals and concerts take place, offering a lively and exciting atmosphere. During the summer, you can catch some of the best local and national acts performing in venues and festivals throughout the city.

The warm weather and longer days also make for a great time to explore Caldwell’s vibrant downtown scene, where you can find many bars and venues with live music performances. So if you’re a music enthusiast planning a trip to Caldwell or planning to use moving services Boise ID offers, consider visiting during the summer to fully immerse yourself in the city’s dynamic music scene.

Young people having fun at one of Caldwell's best live music venues and festivals
If you love music, you will love Caldwell

Explore Different Genres at Caldwell’s best live music venues and festivals

Caldwell’s music scene offers a wide range of genres, from blues and jazz to rock and country. To truly experience the city’s diverse music scene before moving to Caldwell, ID, it’s recommended that you explore different genres and attend shows featuring artists you may not be familiar with. By stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new sounds and styles, you might discover a new favorite artist or genre that you never knew you loved. Don’t be afraid to ask locals for recommendations or to check out venues that you may not have heard of before. The city has a vibrant and supportive music community, and you’re sure to find plenty of hidden gems to explore.

Looking for tickets? Plan ahead

To make the most of your Caldwell music experience, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. Many of the city’s most popular music venues and festivals can sell out quickly, So, it’s important to purchase tickets in advance when possible. You should also research the venues and festivals you plan to attend, and consider factors such as parking, transportation, and crowd size to make sure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Dress for the weather!

Additionally, be sure to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Some outdoor festivals may require sunscreen and hats, while indoor venues may have air conditioning that you’ll want to dress for. By planning ahead, you can ensure that you have a stress-free and enjoyable experience while exploring Caldwell’s dynamic music scene.

Hands in the air at a concert enjoy Caldwell's best live music venues and festivals
You will have a blast in Caldwell and enjoy good music

Talk to the locals to find the best shows

If you’re looking for the hottest local music spots and upcoming shows, it’s always a good idea to talk to the locals. Strike up a conversation with your bartender, server, or Uber driver, and you may just discover a hidden gem that isn’t listed on any event calendars. Locals are often the best source of information when it comes to the city’s music scene, and they can offer great recommendations for venues and shows that you might not have discovered on your own. This is also a great way to establish yourself in a new community. So don’t be shy – strike up a conversation and see where it takes you!

Enjoy our guide and Caldwell’s best live music venues and festivals

Caldwell, Idaho is a city with a rich history and a dynamic music scene. It offers something for every music enthusiast. Whether you’re into rock, country, blues, jazz, or any other genre, you’ll find plenty of exciting venues and events to explore. From intimate bars and clubs to large outdoor festivals, Caldwell has it all. To fully enjoy the city’s music scene, it’s recommended that you:

  • check event calendars,
  • plan ahead,
  • talk to the locals, and
  • explore different genres.

As for the future of live music in Caldwell, the city is constantly evolving. With new venues and festivals popping up all the time, fun is guaranteed. Visitors can expect to see more diverse and innovative music events in the years to come. The city continues to attract talented musicians and music fans alike. So whether you’re a seasoned music lover or a first-time visitor, Caldwell is a destination that should not be missed. With its vibrant music scene, supportive community, and welcoming atmosphere, Caldwell’s best live music venues and festivals are truly a must-visit destination for any music enthusiast.

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