3 Important Things to Remember When Planning a Move

Planning a move is necessary, even if it isn’t your first time. Without any planning, moving can quickly become stressful, time consuming and expensive. With just a little pre-planning, you can easily avoid these problems. 

Knowing the benefits of pre-planning is the first step towards a successful and easy relocation. The next step? Making your pre-move checklist.  

3 Things to Remember When Planning a Move

Pre-move checklists can include a wide range of different tasks and are completely customizable to your move. Some tasks can save you money and keep stress levels to a minimum, which makes it easier to have a successful move. Consider these helpful additions when creating your pre-move checklist:

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  1. Hire Professional Movers to Pack

    Packing is undeniably the most time-consuming aspect of moving. Not only do you need to buy supplies (tape, boxes, padding), but you must pack strategically to ensure items are safe and organized. Fortunately, professional movers can take both packing and unpacking off your hands. They have years of training and experience to get this tedious task done in half the time – often with better results. 
  2. Clean Out Your Belongings

    One of the best ways to save money when planning a move is by purging your possessions. Take inventory of everything you own and decide what can be sold, donated or trashed. Then, not only will packing take less time, but moving costs (often determined by weight) will be lower and life at your new home can begin clutter free. Plus, if you sold anything, you may come out with some extra cash in your pocket. 
  3. Determine If Storage Is Necessary

    Sometimes, even after cleaning out, we find ourselves faced with too much stuff. If you are running out of space, but aren’t ready to part with certain items, then storage may be necessary. Professional movers will often have access to remote storage facilities in your new location and can help find the one that suits your needs best. This is best done before the move begins. Scrambling to find last minute storage unnecessary stress that can easily be avoided. 

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