Why You Want to Hire Professional Movers

Think hiring professional movers is an expensive, unnecessary task? Think again. The truth is, moving is stressful, and involves a lot more than packing boxes and loading a truck. And if you take it on alone, you’ll quickly discover the physical demands and associated costs can get overwhelming very quickly. 

Moving-Day Tasks You Want to Leave to Professional Movers 

Successful moves rely on precise organization and planning to ensure you don’t miss a critical step. In addition to typical moving responsibilities, there are usually smaller logistics – paperwork, furniture deliveries and home inspections – that need to be taken care of. Professional movers can’t sign a lease or register your vehicles, but they can take the bulk of relocation work off your hands:

I want to thank Brian for his honest prediction and evaluation of moving from Boise to Nampa. I want to thank Cisco for his expert organization of getting things out of my House and organized into the truck and from truck to my new home. I want to thank Gary and Jose for their quick and careful care of my worldly goods. And thank you Roger for your follow up to ensure the job was taken care of properly. Peggy D., 9/27/2018

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  • Packing – Packing accounts for a large part of moving expenses. You need proper boxes, crates, tape, protective padding and much more to guarantee items won’t be damaged during transit.  Plus, it can take weeks to pack up belongings yourself. When you hire moving professionals, they’ll come ready with supplies and quickly organize items by room, weight and size - making the process much faster and stress-free. 
  • Storage – As hard as you’ve worked to stick to your moving timeline, any number of events can delay a move-in. Inclement weather, last-minute inspections and other details might stand in between you and your new home. If an unexpected situation arises, professional movers can provide overnight, short-term and long-term storage options. You can rest assured knowing your belongings are safe in a secure location until your moving process can resume. 
  • Driving – Navigating a bulky moving truck through narrow alleys and unfamiliar streets is difficult. Not to mention, if you rent and drive the truck on your own, you’re responsible for any nicks or damage to the vehicle or its surroundings that might occur while moving. Not only are relocation specialists experts at driving moving trucks, but they’re also familiar with local neighborhoods and streets. Before transporting belongings to your new home, movers will optimize the best, safest route for getting items to their final destination. 

Ready to Hire Professional Movers? Peasley Transfer & Storage Is Here to Help

Peasley Storage & Transfer has been a trusted moving partner in the Boise Treasure Valley for over 125 years. A proud division of Hansen Bros., Moving & Storage, we’ve trained our movers to handle every relocation with quality, care and expertise. 

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