Tips For Moving With Pets

For many customers, pets are an important part of the family and require some special consideration when planning a move.  Moving to a new home can be stressful for pets but there are steps you can take to relieve some of this stress and ensure that your pet arrives at your final destination happy and healthy.

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  • Schedule an exam with your current vet's office to check your pet's health, obtain pertinent medical records and a health certificate (where required), update ID tags and discuss any precautionary measures needed for your moving trip.
  • If your pet is not already comfortable riding in a car, take your pet for several short rides around your current neighborhood before having them travel the long moving distance in the car.
  • It is recommended not to feed your pet for about seven hours before the start of your trip and pack a container of fresh water. Stop frequently during your trip for walks.
  • Make sure in advance that any hotels or other accommodations you're staying in along the way are pet friendly and never leave your pet in the car alone.
  • Birds and other small pets such as hamsters or guinea pigs can often travel in their cages. This is recommended in a stable, well ventilated area without drafts. Covering the cage while traveling often calms these animals.
  • If flying with your pet, contact the airline well in advance to your move to check services and regulations. Direct flights can help to minimize the time that your pet is confined while traveling.
  • Help your pet become accustomed to their kennel or crate prior to the trip. It is recommended to have an air-transport kennel for your pet's transport by air during your move so that they have a familiar place to rest during the journey.  Label the kennel with "Live Animal", the pet's name and your new address, phone number and special handling instructions for your pet and ask the flight attendant to confirm that your pet has also boarded the plane.

Proper planning is the secret to making the moving process as seamless as possible for your pet.  Here's a helpful list of items to pack and topics to address for your pet;

  • The contact information of your regular veterinarian and a referral vet at your new residence
  • Your pets medical records and any regular or trip-related medications
  • Spare collars with ID tags and leashes
  • Plenty of bottled water for your pet
  • Enough pet food and treats for the entire trip
  • Can openers, several water and food dishes, and plastic spoons for mixing food
  • Your pets' favorite toys and blankets
  • Combs, brushes, and other care items
  • Plastic bags for picking up waste, paper towels, and cotton balls and q-tips to clean eyes and ears

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