Tips For Moving With Children

At Peasley Transfer & Storage we understand that the rigors of making a move can be a bit daunting, especially when your move involves children.  Here are some tips we hope will help you to get your kids through the move smiling if you are making a move to, from, or within Boise, ID!

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  • A move is pretty disruptive for our little ones so try to be extra sensitive to their feelings and concerns about the move. As much as possible, find opportunities to make them feel that they’re an important part of the move process by giving them "special" projects and rewarding their hard work along the way. Most children enjoy a good adventure and will most likely embrace the moving process if they feel like they are important and not forgotten during the process.  Some excellent ideas include;
    • Arrange for plenty of opportunities for your children to exchange goodbyes with friends and other connections. Print up small "we'll miss you" cards with your new address, phone number, and email address for your kids to share.
    • Let your child decorate a special box of their own, and ask them to put their special possessions in this box.
    • Ask for their thoughts and input on decorating and arranging furniture in their new room.
  • Share the news about the move with your children as soon as practically possible, this helps avoid the risk of them learning about the move unintentionally.  Be sure to share relevant and positive details about the move then ask them how they're feeling about the move and listen closely to their reactions. Reactions to moving often varies by the age of the children;
    • Younger kids tend to miss familiar people such as a teacher they like, along with safe and secure environments such as school, church or possibly even their bedrooms.
    • Older kids, particularly teenagers, tend to miss friends and their relationships with neighbors and other members of their community.
  • Settling into a new home, neighborhood, and lifestyle requires a tremendous amount of effort but it's important that the kids feel like they have a little bit of control and you dedicate a little extra attention to helping them find and settle into new activities and social groups.
    • Once your belongings arrive at your new home, try to allow the kids to have some say in how their new space is arranged.
    • Let the kids tackle some of their unpacking - this will reinforce that despite the new surroundings, there are plenty of things that are familiar and safe.
    • As much as possible, try to get your child reconnected to their favorite activities - this is the best way to begin forging new friendships and making their new home feel like home.

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