The Do's and Don'ts of Hiring Interstate Movers

Finding and hiring interstate movers in an important step in the relocation process. Professional movers handle the most physical, time-consuming aspects and logistics of an interstate move, allowing you to focus on responsibilities like:

  • Acquiring a new driver’s license and registering your vehicle
  • Finalizing paperwork for your new home
  • Enrolling your children in a new school district

To guarantee a smooth transition, you need to identify a moving company that is courteous, professional and experienced in handling interstate moves. 

Important Do’s and Don’ts of Finding and Hiring Interstate Movers

Interstate moving is a huge undertaking. Hiring a professional moving team can alleviate associated stress – as long as you make a thoughtful, informed decision when selecting your movers. Before signing on the dotted line, remember a few important do’s and don’ts while locating interstate movers:


I want to thank Brian for his honest prediction and evaluation of moving from Boise to Nampa. I want to thank Cisco for his expert organization of getting things out of my House and organized into the truck and from truck to my new home. I want to thank Gary and Jose for their quick and careful care of my worldly goods. And thank you Roger for your follow up to ensure the job was taken care of properly. Peggy D., 9/27/2018

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  • Inquire about all costs and charges – Moving companies often provide a quote for services. It’s important to remember that this number might be a general estimate, and doesn’t take into account your specific moving-day needs and access considerations. Before you select providers, be sure to understand all associated costs and charges. Moving fees may vary based on weight, home square footage, distance driven and more. 
  • Look at customer testimonials and reviews – Customer testimonials can tell you a lot about moving companies before you ever request a price quote. Have other customers had positive experiences with movers? Or do reviews indicate a moving company was late and unprofessional? If initial contenders have less-than-stellar customer testimonials, you might want to consider crossing them off the list. 


  • Forget to think about storage services – If for any reason moving is delayed or you need extra time, you want to be sure belongings can be stored in a secure facility. Instead of scrambling to find storage, partner with interstate movers that have several available units. Whether you need overnight, short-term or long-term storage, you don’t have to worry about the safety of items while you’re sorting things out. 
  • Hire lax, inexperienced movers – Newer moving companies might be appealing because of lower price quotes and online savvy, but their inexperience could end up costing you more in the long-run. Movers new to the scene might not understand packing techniques or have the proper equipment and supplies  to move fragile furniture, resulting in broken and damaged items. It’ll take some time, but finding and working with experienced movers ensures your move is handled the right way. 

Interstate Movers You Can Rely On

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