The Best Movers for Medical Equipment Packing and Shipping

Medical equipment packing and shipping requires skills beyond those needed for regular household moves. Movers transporting medical equipment must do more than just pack and ship items. machinery, supplies or devices must arrive intact and on time.

If you require medical moving services, it's more important than ever to choose the most reliable and highly-rated professional movers who have experience with this type of moving. 

3 Essential Traits of Medical Equipment Packing and Shipping Service

Since moving medical equipment is a technical and demanding process, picking the right movers is a crucial step. When choosing a moving company, consider not only the range of services and online reviews, but also these three criteria: 

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  1. Can the movers cater to unique needs?
    Moving medical equipment is not the same across the board. Some equipment pieces contain lasers, glass lenses or other fragile materials. Because of this, simply padding and crating these items isn’t enough. Often, customized solutions are necessary. Professional movers should have extensive knowledge and experience moving oddly-shaped and extremely fragile equipment. 
  2. Is the provider consistent in service and on-time?
    When delivering medical equipment, doctors, physicians and patients could potentially be waiting. If medical equipment packing and shipping is delayed or items are damaged, an entire waiting list of people who need medical attention could be disrupted. It’s important to research that your moving company of choice has an outstanding delivery track record. A zero-tolerance policy towards mistakes and damage doesn’t hurt either.  
  3. Do movers have knowledge of facility protocol?
    Movers can’t drop medical equipment on the curb and drive off. Medical equipment deliveries require knowledge of the medical facility’s security protocol and freight operations. Communication between all parties is necessary for everyone to be on the same page regarding installation and setup techniques at specific drop off points. When booking movers, make sure they have ample experience with medical equipment moves and a policy of establishing communication with medical facilities. This way, you won’t be left wondering if equipment has been safely delivered to its destination.

Looking for Reliable Medical Equipment Packing and Shipping?

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