Packing Materials

Peasley Transfer & Storage has a wide selection of high quality packing cartons and supplies for the do-it-yourselfer at our office located at 111 North Curtis Road Boise, ID 83706.  Our high volume purchasing power enables us to offer steeply discounted prices to our customers. Some examples of the standard packing cartons we offer are listed below.  For questions about specific packing cartons and packing materials, please either complete or convenient Free Quote Form or call us at (208) 375-0961.

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Carton Type           Best Uses
Dishpack (5.0 cu ft) - 18”x18”x 28½”               Crystal, stemware, bric-a-brac, small lamps, trophies, breakables, easily dented items. An 8-piece setting can be used as a guideline. A double-walled container- 350 lb. test.
Book Carton (1.5 cu ft) - 17”x12½”x12 ½” Books (3 ft. of shelf/ctn.), canned goods, records, CD’S, bath items, perfume, garage tools, soaps, laundry gear. Not for kitchenware unless needed to finish off container.
Medium Carton (3.0 cu ft) - 18”x18”x16” Pack heavily: pots, pans, packaged foods, linens, garage items, closet items, speakers, silk plants. Small lampshades can be telescoped together if they are plastic or cardboard. Also, countertop kitchen appliances wrapped well.
Large Carton (4.5 cu ft) - 18”x18”x24” Lamp shades, pillows, bedding, towels, games in boxes, stereo speakers, toys, games, stuffed animals, hat boxes, gift boxes, some lamp shades, holiday décor, baskets and other lightweight items. NO BOOKS!
XLarge Carton (6.0 cu ft) - 22”x22”x21 ½” Keep use to a minimum (takes a lot of truck space). Large lamp shades, bulky but light items, large quilts, comforters, baskets, other bulky lightweight articles. NO BOOKS!
Picture/Mirror Carton - 3 ½”x up to 40”x60” These come in multiple sizes and are adjustable to fit a wide range of; Pictures, mirrors, glass table tops or shelves, paintings and glass trays. Any flat, fragile items.
Wardrobe (10.0 cu ft) - 20”x20”x45” Equipped with metal hanging bar, w/ metal bars for hangers, a wardrobe carton will fit approximately 25 dresses or 15 men’s suits or accommodate hanging items from approx. 24” of closet space. Also used for drapes, curtains, and dried or silk plants.
Mattress Boxes, Packing Tape, Bubble Wrap, Clean Newsprint, Stretchwrap, etc. We carry just about anything a customer could need to successfully protect and pack their belongings.


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