Overseas Shipping Containers & Materials

The process of shipping belongings of overseas requires specialized containers and materials. There are a range of sizes and configurations of overseas shipping containers to accommodate most international moving requirements. For example, the container shown below (a tri-wall liftvan) provides 80 cubic feet of storage and is constructed of special heavy duty cardboard.  Depending on the volume of belongings to be shipped, a range of other sizes is available. To meet overseas regulations about wood products and provide easy handling, we typically strap our tri-wall lift vans to plastic pallets as shown below.

Customers shipping small overseas shipments requiring more cubic feet of space than offered by a single tri-wall container can be accommodated by padding, packing and tightly loading the belongings into plywood liftvans which minimize handling and shifting during transport. The plywood liftvans are specifically designed for loading into large steel steamship containers carried by container ships. These liftvans are used in a variety of circumstances such as when trucking is required to another port in a country prior to shipping, when belongings will need to be stored for a length of time, or when the destination port is unable to handle 20' or 40' large steel shipping containers. The plywood liftvan shown below serves to minimize handling and the risk of loss or damage.

If the shipment is large enough to fill a large steel shipping container which can be 20', 40' or 50' in length, depending on the steamship line and destination, it can be padded, packed, and loaded directly as shown below. The steel container shown below is then trucked to the port and loaded onto a container ship.

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