Commercial Moving Companies

Not all commercial moving companies in the Boise area created equally. With over 125 years of experience handling the storage and moving needs of businesses, Peasley Transfer & Storage is one of the top commercial moving companies you can rely on.

What does it mean to hire experienced, commercial moving companies like Peasley Transfer? Here are the benefits:

  • Moves are completed in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible
  • Business productivity is not interrupted - Peasley Transfer can move your business after regular hours or on the weekends
  • Employees can continue with their normal assignments following the move
  • A wide variety of moving resources are at your disposal, including cost saving tips and tips for packing

If you're looking to keep your business firing on all cylinders during a move, remember that not all commercial moving companies are equipped to deliver on that promise. Peasley Transfer & Storage can deliver on that promise and should be the top choice on your list.

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I needed help moving a piano from a friends home. Thanks for the help guys. I was amazed how they were able to move the piano up the stairs around corners without even touching the walls. Good job! Douglas C., 12/10/2019

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