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Moving to or from the Treasure Valley? Families and businesses alike should select Peasley Transfer & Storage as their Treasure Valley movers. 

Peasley Transfer has provided unparalleled Treasure Valley professional moving services since 1890. We take pride in providing unmatched customer service, attentive care and personal attention, and offer expertise in the following areas:

From your initial contact by phone or our website through the placement of your last piece of furniture on moving day, exceptional customer service is our trademark at Peasley Transfer & Storage. To earn your satisfaction with our services and ensure the most efficient and successful moves, we provide:

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  • Working Supervisors –The key to a successful move is accountability; thus the working supervisor assigned to your move will be onsite throughout the move to provide direction, quality assurance, and efficiency. 
  • Protection of Belongings – Peasley Transfer takes great pride in packing, loading, transporting, and delivering your household good as safely and securely as possible. Regardless of the distance to be moved, your moving crew will take the necessary measures to protect your belongings from damage or soiling (including pad wrapping regular furniture and pad wrapping + stretch wrapping upholstered furniture). In addition, your moving crew will protect both your origin and destination residence by padding entryway doors and stair banisters, in addition to properly covering any flooring subject to damage. As an additional level of protection, Peasley Transfer offers exceptional options for valuation coverage.
  • Clean Moving Trucks and Equipment – We carefully maintain our moving vans and equipment to ensure the safety of our staff, the protection of our customer's belongings, and the dependability our services demand. All maintenance is performed by professional mechanics so that we remain in compliance with applicable regulations and standards. 
  • Stellar qualifications – We receive more 5-star reviews from customers than any other Boise mover; we hold an A+ rating with the BBB; we are a leading agent for Allied Van Lines; we are a certified ProMover by AMSA.

Need interstate or international moving from your Treasure Valley movers? In 1929, Peasley Transfer became one of the first agents for Allied Van Lines, which relocates more people than any other van line. Allied Van Lines has the largest moving network in the world and enjoys the highest performance ratings among major movers, thanks to its commitment to superior customer service. Partnering with Peasley Transfer and Allied will help you sleep easier before a long-distance move!

Looking for storage in the Boise Treasure Valley? Peasley Transfer & Storage is ready to help. Located on Curtis Road in Boise since 1962, we have expanded our operations to include over 50,000 square feet of heated warehouse space with individual, state of the art vault containers, two 8,000 square foot mini-storage buildings, a large four-bay garage with mechanics, and an outside storage yard. Our storage warehouse is fully-secured, and features fire, theft, and pest protection. Peasley Transfer can offer the following short-term and long-term storage solutions:

Although you might find Treasure Valley professional movers that advertise lower hourly rates, it's important to remember that the final cost of a move really depends on the efficiency of the crew and the organization of the move, and trust and reliability should be an integral consideration when choosing a moving company. When you choose Peasley Transfer, you’ll rest easy the night before your move.

Simplify your upcoming move with the Treasure Valley movers you can count on. To learn more about planning for an upcoming move or storage needs, please complete our simple Free Quote Form or contact us by phone at (208) 375-0961.

Let our team put together a comprehensive moving plan for you. Complete our simple free quote form or contact us at 1-208-375-0961.