Commercial Packing & Crating

Peasley Transfer & Storage offers a wide variety of packing and crating services to best serve the needs of our customers. Whether you need to have a single item properly prepared for transporting or you need a professional pack out of an entire warehouse or manufacturing plant, no project is too big or too small for our team to professionally handle on time and within budget.

One of the leading causes of concern for customers planning a commercial move is not knowing if their valuable products, inventory, and equipment will arrive at the final destination on time, intact, and without damage. To alleviate this concern, generations of businesses throughout the Treasure Valley have relied on Peasley Transfer's professional packing and crating services.  We are experts at both reducing the risk of damage and delivering seamless, on time commercial moving services.

Commercial moves, whether local, interstate, or international, usually involve some items that require specialized preparation and handling due to their size, weight, or value.  Peasley Transfer brings over a century of experience with such items and we can offer solutions ranging from cost effective prefabricated shipping containers and super duty tri-wall cartons to custom built wooden crates and boxes designed to afford the highest level of security and protection. Additionally, there may be machines to be placed on skids, products that need to be safely palletized, and even some items that require specialized hoisting.  Fortunately, just about any needs associated with your commercial move is within the extensive capabilities of Peasley Transfer & Storage.

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In the event that your business regularly transports a particular product that requires protection against the rigors of shipping, we can build cost effective, custom shipping containers designed to be disassembled at final destination and shipped back to you for your future shipping needs.

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