Automobile Shipping

Peasley Transfer & Storage is truly a full service relocation company and we have solutions for just about everything associated with making a successful move.  Many customers making an interstate move or international move choose to ship one or more automobiles to their destination. With this in mind, we can make transporting your automobile(s) a truly hassle-free experience at very competitive rates.  Our automobile shipping solutions can accommodate just about any type of automobile from the family Camry to an exotic sportscar.  Regardless of your make and model, your automobile(s) will be well cared for and transported on a licensed vehicle carrier that is fully covered by public liability, property damage and cargo insurance. As additional protection against the unlikely event of theft or damage, your vehicle owner's insurance also remains active throughout the entire shipping process.

As many Peasley Transfer customers don't have prior experience shipping an automobile, we hope that you find the following FAQ's about automobile shipping to be helpful in your planning process.

When should you make your automobile shipping arrangements?

It is recommended that you place a service order at least two weeks in advance of an interstate move and three to four weeks in advance of an international move. In the event that you have an urgent automobile shipping need, simply let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

How much will it cost to ship my automobile?

Prices for shipping an automobile are determined by the size of your vehicle, the type of vehicle carrier you select (enclosed or open air), timing, and the distance it will be transported.

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How long will it take to transport my automobile?

Three primary factors determine the length of time between the pick-up of your vehicle and its delivery at the designated destination. These include; the distance of transport, the number of other vehicles on your designated vehicle carrier, and a mix of Mother Nature and Transportation related matters (weather conditions, traffic, and equipment breakdowns) may lengthen your vehicle's transit time. As an average, most cross-country automobile shipments are performed in 8 to 14 days. Your peace of mind is a priority to us at Peasley Transfer and we will be able to provide updates on the shipment of your automobile upon request.

What kind of truck will my automobile be transported on?

The choice will be up to you - either an open air vehicle carrier just like those you've probably seen delivering non-luxury automobiles to auto dealerships, or an enclosed vehicle carrier which we recommend for custom, luxury or exotic automobiles.

After I make arrangements, when will my automobile picked up?

Typically within two to three days of the scheduled pick-up date you request. In the event you need to make special pick-up arrangements, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can I pack things in my vehicle?

The general rule of thumb is to refrain from shipping any personal belongings within your vehicle although placing a few small items in your trunk (assuming they are not subject to damage from temperature extremes) is acceptable.

What if my drop-off or pick-up location cannot be accessed by the vehicle carrier?

As most vehicle carriers are large (up to 75 feet long), you should plan to confirm accessibility in advance of your scheduled pick up date. In the event that access will be a challenge, either the vehicle carrier will be staged as close as possible while allowing access or arrangements can be made to pick up your automobile at a location with easy access (i.e. a shopping center).

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